The Norwegian Tribology Centre is composed by an interdisciplinary group which includes researchers and professors from NTNU and SINTEF. 


  • Research on tribocorrosion: sliding- and erosion-corrosion.
  • Research on tribological problems related with dry and lubricated systems.
  • Research on in-situ tribology.
  • Research on lubricants and formulation.
  • Research on tribology simulations at nano and meso scales.
  • Research on new surface coatings and treatments for improved tribological performance.
  • To support the industry in finding solutions related to wear, lubrication, friction, and maintenance.
  • To function as a meeting point between the industry and European research centres and universities.
  • To educate engineers and scientists in tribological aspects.

Continuous expansion

The Norwegian Tribology Centre was created in 2008. Since then it has grown, and our aim is to continue this growth by hiring competent people in the field and by establishing links with the industry and other universities and research centres worldwide.